Although only less than two hours from Madrid by car, La Hacienda could be a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of 21st century urban Spain.

The landscape is dominated by the magnificent Gredos Mountains, running east /west from near Madrid towards the Portuguese border. The house is at about 900 metres above sea level on the steep southern slopes, and has breath-taking views, both up to the peaks and down across the plains. La Mira, at 2,343 metres, is the second highest mountain in the range and rises majestically behind the nearby village of Guisando.

There are pine forests on the higher mountain slopes, whilst lower down are small fruit farms. In the valleys there are olive groves. On arrival, you will be struck by the freshness of the air, with its scent of pine, wild thyme, lavender and oregano.

The area is home to a wide variety of birds, including a number of rare species such as the Black Stork and the Spanish Imperial Eagle. In spring and summer, the mountainside is carpeted with wild flowers and there are butterflies everywhere.


There are many mountain streams which, after rain, become torrents of water. In summer, some of these are dammed to form natural swimming pools, extremely popular with both locals and visitors.

The mountain villages remain in many respects untouched by the modern world, with their narrow streets, old houses and medieval churches. It is not unusual to see a man out with his donkey, or to hear a goatherd pass the house with his flock in the early morning, their bells tinkling.

View Guisando
Natural swimming pool
View from La Mira
Across the valley
Reservoir in Arenas
Arenas de San Pedro
The road to the house